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January 10, 2008

Homemade Goat Cheese

Homemade Goat Cheese

If you've been a reader of Dianne's Dishes for a while you know I am more than obsessed with goat cheese. I love the stuff! There is just something so scrumptious about it's tangy, creamy goodness! So when I decided to try my hand at cheese making goat cheese was sure to follow.

The goat cheese took longer than 30 minutes, but still not long in the grand scheme of things. The goat's milk that I bought at My Organic Market was already pasteurized as sales of raw milk here in Maryland are illegal so I skipped the pasteurization step. I simply had to heat my gallon of milk to 86 F and add the Chevre starter. I did this Tuesday night and let it sit overnight to thicken.

Yesterday morning around 8:30 am I started the next step of the process, which is the draining process. You ladle the solids out and place it into cheesecloth in a colander and let it sit for several hours. The longer you let it sit the more firm it becomes.

Homemade Goat Cheese Draining

I decided to go for a creamier cheese and ended up with a slightly firm finished product that is somewhat spreadable. I also didn't add any salt to the finished product, though that's always an option. The cheese was just the right combination of tangy and creamy and I felt that salt wasn't needed, but you can add that in if you want. You can also add in herbs and such if you like. It's all a matter of personal taste. You can even freeze the cheese pre-salting!

I'm still amazed at how easy the whole process of making cheese is! Alexis and I are having a lot of fun making cheeses. I think we've found a new hobby!

Up tomorrow ricotta! Update: 4:46 PM We had a complete and utter ricotta failure! We'll have to try again. We'll have something else for tomorrow's recipe. I just don't know what yet! ;o)

Oh and don't forget to enter the chocolate contest I have going on. I'm accepting entries through Monday, January 14, 2008 at 5:00 PM EST. Go ahead and enter if you haven't...Oh and tell your friends! ;o)

Posted by Dianne at January 10, 2008 7:42 AM

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Today Jacque and I had some on our salads (just spinach and grape tomatoes) with champagne dressing. YUM!!! :)
Thanks for sharing.

Posted by: katherine at January 11, 2008 4:16 PM

Glad you liked it! :o)

Posted by: Dianne at January 11, 2008 4:46 PM

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