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July 19, 2008

I've Been Tagged: Six Random Things About Me!

Megan over at My Baking Adventures has tagged me with a meme! What fun! Now you get to find out six random facts about me that you might not have know! I know you all are just dying with excitement, so let's get to it shall we? ;oP

But first here are the rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on the blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post.
5. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

I'm not quite sure who to tag (I never am!), but feel free to play along on your own blog, or if you don't have a blog just tell us 6 Random Facts about yourself in the comments section...It's always fun to learn new things about people! ;o)

Without further ado here I go!

1. Jamison and I met online years ago on a now defunct ewtoo Telnet talker. We talked online for about a year, then I let him call me and we talked on the phone a few times a week for several months, then we met in person in July of 1996 and spent a weekend together where he thought I was a witch and I thought he was weird but we ended up friends anyway and were then friends for 6 months, then we started dating in January of 1997 and we got married in December of 1997. Do I think you can find love on the Internet? Not really...I know contradicting isn't it? But I do think you can make friends and who knows where a friendship can go? Besides the best relationships are based on friendship anyway! ;oP

2. I was adopted when I was six months old. I used to say I would only adopt instead of giving birth, but then I had Alexis and I have to say I'm very content with my family the way it is. I like the three of us together. We have a nice dynamic. (How is that for a jumbled fact! ;oP)

3. I met my best friend Darlene when I was in 6th grade. We had some rough patches growing up (oh to be young, stupid and like the same boy!) but we got over the angst and by high school we didn't argue anymore and spent much of our free time together. Darlene still lives in the town I grew up in and we don't get to see each other nearly enough (the last time we saw each other was February of 2007) but the moment we do see each other we fall right into place as if no time has passed. We think alike and though we don't always agree on everything we respect each other's right to think differently. We can even complete each other's sentences! During some point in most days we e-mail each other and check in. I adore her! She is also Alexis' Godmother. We are planning a trip up to Maryland for her in October where we will celebrate my 35th birthday and also just spend some good old quality time together, because we just don't get to do enough of that now days! There may also be a day trip (or two) to the beach involved! I'm sure hijinks will ensue! ;oP

4. I'm happy. When I was younger I would never have pictured my life turning out the way it has, but it doesn't matter, because I truly feel blessed. I have a husband I adore and who adores me, a beautiful, smart little girl, friends who love me for who I am, etc. Life may not end up the way you thought, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it is bad that it didn't! That doesn't mean that there aren't still things I want to do...See Mt. Saint Helens, go to Ireland, go to Paris, England, Italy, Greece, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, etc. But I truly am happy and that means more than anything!

5. I believe everything happens for a reason. You might not always understand why something happened, or ever understand to be honest, but whatever happens has a purpose in the grand scheme of things. That purpose might be for you to realize how truly lucky you are, or to see what it is like in some else's shoes, or to learn and grow, but there is a reason. And sometimes when you just cant figure it out you just have to let it go and trust that maybe you weren't the one who was supposed to learn/grow from an event, perhaps it was intended to make someone else find their path...

6. I am extremely shy. I know it doesn't seem possible, but it is true. It takes me a while to warm up to people, especially now that I am older, but if you make it past the initial acquaintance stage and we actually become friends I talk, and I talk a lot, and I'm not afraid to share my opinions. But if you saw me at a party I'd be the one sitting over to the side, possibly talking quietly to a few friends. I would not be the center of attention, nor would I want to be.

So there you have it...6 Random Facts about me! What are you waiting for...Get thee forth to your blog or the comments below and tell us 6 Random Fact about yourself! I'm dying to know! ;oP

Posted by Dianne at July 19, 2008 9:31 AM

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What a pleasure to read Dianne. I especially loved number 4. You have such a good take on life! :)

Posted by: Deborah at July 19, 2008 10:12 AM

Oh wow! This is awesome! It's great to get to know you more!

Posted by: Allie at July 19, 2008 10:43 AM

Hehe well that should help spurn me on to do my own list, also tagged by Meagan.
Great list Dianne, great list.

Posted by: Jenny at July 19, 2008 10:54 AM

eh . . I'll play along. :)
1. I don't have a blog. I read blogs every day, post comments on lots of (mostly Mommy-) blogs, and even find myself composing posts in my head as I go through the day. But -- still no blog.
2. I am a control freak, and just a little OCD -- but I don't measure everything when I cook (although I'm more likely to measure when I bake).
3. My husband is usually the one who reminds me to write down what I do when I'm experimenting in the kitchen (mostly so he doesn't have to hear me whining, "those were so good the last time we made them -- how did I do it???")
4. His compliments re: food are limited to "not bad" and "pretty good". Kinda makes it hard for a girl to figure out what his favorite foods are.
5. Dianne (my sister) has most definitely been my biggest inspiration in the kitchen. Our mom taught us the basics of preparing food and baking -- but Dianne is the reason I'm not afraid to just try new things. Who knew that one day I wouldn't be afraid of skills like julienning and yummy foods like risotto?
Okay - so maybe these aren't so random -- they're all food / blog related; but heres # 6
6. I typed this list with one hand because my 4 month-old is currently nursing. :) And that, my friends, is how I got addicted to blogs in the first place :)

Posted by: katherine at July 19, 2008 12:02 PM

Thanks Deborah!

Allie, I actually enjoy these things for that very reason. It lets you see a bit more of a person.

Can't wait to read your list Jenny!

You seriously need a blog Sisterpooh! ;o)

Posted by: Dianne at July 19, 2008 7:57 PM

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