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May 7, 2009

Back Monday!


For those of you who follow me on Twitter or FaceBook, you may have seen that Miss G ended up in the emergency room Tuesday morning. Luckily it wasn't anything too bad, just a little dehydration and stomach problems due to her third antibiotic in about two weeks, but I have to say she really freaked me out for a bit there.

When Lex woke up Tuesday morning she was a bit out of it and was breathing a little weird. We talked to the doctor and she advised taking her to the emergency room. Anyone that has ever watched their child in a hospital bed looking pale and fragile, being hooked up to an IV, then poked and prodded while they try to figure out what was wrong with them, probably knows what I'm talking about, and those that haven't can probably imagine anyway. It's not a pretty picture and even though you're feeling anything but, you have to put on your brave face and be strong. That's harder than it sounds when your child is lying there crying because they are poking her again, and all you can do is hold her and tell her everything is going to be ok, though you wonder if it actually will be and you want to cry right along with her. Our nurse Julie was amazing though, so that helped. Nurses do not get enough credit!

After testing her for everything know to man, including swine flu, though she had been tested for it earlier in the week, they finally figured out that her little tummy just wasn't able to handle the antibiotics and keep food down at the same time. They gave her some anti nausea meds and two days later she is a completely different child! I could tell the difference yesterday, but even more so today! She's got her bounce back! And I'm liking me some bounce!

We went back for a recheck today and her ears and nasal passages look better, which she was taking the antibiotics for to begin with, and she has gone for 48 hours without being sick. She has her energy back as I mentioned, is eating in small doses, though she is still running a fever, but hopefully that will sort itself out in a day or so. For all of you who sent me encouragement on Tuesday (and after!) I really appreciate the thoughts and prayers.

All of that to say, we've had a long, long, long (and did I mention long?) couple of weeks. Her first trip to the doctor, and first antibiotic, was last Tuesday and the ride just kept going downhill from there. I'm happy to report that now we are headed back in the right direction, but as you can imagine I haven't been online that much at all. In fact there were days there that I never even turned my computer on, so I don't have anything marked this week for Friday Link Love.

I'll be back on Monday with Better Bites and next week should be back to normal at Dianne's Dishes. Jamison and I are both feeling much better and Jamison finished up his finals last night. He isn't taking summer classes so that is going to be a nice change of pace as well. Call me weird, but I like it when he's home in the evenings. I enjoy spending time with him and Lex does too. It will be nice to slow down and have some normalcy around here.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and I'll catch you on Monday!

Posted by Dianne at May 7, 2009 9:11 PM

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I'm so sorry to hear that your little one has had such a hard time! Best wishes to her for a speedy recovery and to you for making it through. Take care.

Posted by: Susan at Sticky,Gooey,Creamy,Chewy at May 7, 2009 9:52 PM

Thanks Susan!

Posted by: Dianne at May 8, 2009 9:05 AM

poor Lex. I hope you all start to heal soon and can get back to normal.

Posted by: heather at May 8, 2009 11:47 AM

Here I am having a pity party for a crashed computer, and you have a sick child in the ER.

I've been there more times than I would care to admit, and I am very happy to hear that she is better. Your nerves are another story (meaning that they have taken quite a beating!), but I'm happy that you are feeling better as well.

Here's to next week being better than this one!

Posted by: Megan at May 8, 2009 2:14 PM

Thanks! Next week will be better...I refuse to accept it to be anything but! ;oP

Posted by: Dianne at May 8, 2009 10:17 PM

Glad to hear your babygirl is slowly feeling better!

I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow!
Happy Mother's Day!

Posted by: ingrid at May 9, 2009 10:54 PM

Thanks Ingrid! Hope you had a good day too. :o)

Posted by: Dianne at May 11, 2009 4:24 PM

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