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July 30, 2009

What's For Dinner?


Tonight is another mixed bag. Jamison is having steak and rice. Alexis and I are having pan seared lime salmon with tomato and avocado relish, along with brown rice.

What are you having?

Posted by Dianne at July 30, 2009 1:24 PM

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We're having vermicelli, chickpeas and veggies with creamy curry sauce. Delicious!

Posted by: Cheryl at July 30, 2009 6:44 PM

We are having grilled chicken breasts on a bed of baby spinach, slivered almonds, cilantro, and brocoli slaw (it's next to the cole slaw in the produce dept.) I might make a fruit salad for dessert. The summer choices for fruit is so awesome!

Posted by: Noelle Markus at July 30, 2009 7:06 PM

I have a few chickpeas that finally sprouted on the front porch. Alexis and I have been munching on them right out of the pod. They're so good!

I love the broccoli slaw! I get that often. It's really great! Fresh fruit is always good too!

Posted by: Dianne at July 30, 2009 7:30 PM

Salmon for me too! with lemon and caper sauce. Your tomato and avocado relish sounds delicious.

Posted by: Sam at August 2, 2009 3:49 PM

I love salmon! It's so versatile!

Posted by: Dianne at August 2, 2009 6:45 PM

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